Xenophobia of contempo has been trending both on the amusing media and over the accepted media. It is no best account as we heard in South Africa Ageism is ongoing. This has fabricated the chat so accepted but I am not abiding everybody knows what it means. A lot of at times if something of this attributes happens, humans get agitated abroad by the bliss and hardly can contemplate on the meaning.

Xenophobia comes from the Ancient Greek chat (Xenos), acceptation “Strange”, “Foreigner”, and (Phobos), acceptation “Fear”.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Ageism agency “deep abiding abhorrence appear foreigners” and the abhorrence of the “Unfamiliar”. Aside all these definitions, there is addition bend to it. According to a scholar, Andreas Wimmer, It is an aspect of a political attack about who has the appropriate to be cared for by the accompaniment and society. According to Wikipedia. In added words, Ageism arises if humans feel that their alms to account from the government is getting subverted by added people’s rights (Wikipedia).


While autograph on this topic, I had adapted to delving into the history, how it all started and how we got to area we are. This is not an attack to go abysmal into the history nor to carbon the history but to accord a abrupt accomplishments of it. I was able to trace this to Ancient Greek abuse of foreigners as “Barbarians” (Wikipedia). Ageism as it were is accident everywhere even admitting humans ability not apperceive that they are practicing it. In the case of the Greek, they believed to be aloft beings and their ability aloft than others: which agency all added humans are inferior to them and what that agency is, they are alone acceptable for slaves. Ageism sponsors and breeds abhorrence for others. A lot of humans generally mix ageism with racism: We accept to not abash the words because in the case of xenophobia, you can abhorrence anyone from a adopted country yet accept the aforementioned race. A archetypal archetype is that of South Africa: The perceived ‘Foreigners’ they are advancing are Africans, their brothers! This cannot be racism.

There was a accent accustomed to Manius Acilius in which he said, “There, as you know, there were Macedonians and Thracians and Illyrians, all a lot of aggressive nations, actuality Syrians and Asiatic Greeks, the a lot of abandoned humans a part of flesh and built-in for slavery.” This is the affliction anatomy of abuse of animal race.

Xenophobic Attacks

Xenophobic attacks starts if a baton speaks adjoin others in a denigrated address as we accept declared above. There is no way a baton will allege out in a address that Andreas Wimmer batten and would not atom xenophobic attacks adjoin such people. The Zulu Baron Goodwill Zwelithini Kabhakuzulu in April 2015 in 20th absolutely said that, “Migrants should backpack their accoutrements and leave.” according to Wikipedia. That chat that looked accustomed acquired the afterlife of about 7 humans and causing the displacement of over 2000 foreigners. He is still there as the baron of that land, no analysis accept been heard and no prosecution.

The sole aim of this commodity is to accompany to ahead what ageism is to accomplish humans accept because compassionate is what will advice us to accord with it better.


This is accident around everywhere, you can see nations assuming laws to aversion foreigners in adjustment to allegedly to put their nationals to accretion high duke in abhorrence of subjugation. It has happened in so abounding places – Asia, Malaysia, Africa, and Germany to acknowledgment a few. Currently, the US is aggressive with this annoyance area The President signs controlling orders over actionable immigrants and added such laws that admiring advanced protests above America and beyond. What I beggarly actuality is that Ageism is generally absorbed to one accurate bearings but it is not the case; it is a lot added than that. Ageism can action aural a country or accompaniment depending on the situation. In Nigeria for example, there is the growing acrimony amid indigenous groups and religious groups. All these can be a array of xenophobia. Anything that is adopted to you and you accept anxiety for is alleged xenophobia. We accept issues like indigene – face crisis traveling on from accompaniment to state; all these aggregate what is accepted as ageism as the case may be.